Chipboard Boxes

chipboard boxes

Chipboard boxes with innovative graphics and professional printing helps preserve, protect and deliver the actual shape and state a manufacturer wants the customer who purchased his or her valuable product wrapped in these very boxes. These are customized as per required style, shape and design, size, material and printing colors for any product. These boxes can be printed in various styles; One has to choose one for their particular line of product which suits it or compliments it best.

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High quality paper stock


250 (Min. Order)


Customized logo

Design customization

Customized packaging

Paper Type

Coated paper, SBS, Greyboard, White paperboard


Recycles, Recyclable, Eco-friendly


Embossing, Glossy Lamination, Matt Lamination, Stamping

Custom Chipboard Boxes Printing

Every business wants to have a unique packaging for their line of products and in order to do so, they need to work with an experienced online printing company shoulder to shoulder from the start to finish in this case, selection of graphics to material for the best results. Due to increasing demand for a variety of different products daily across the world, printing and packaging requirements have increased noticeably. This served as a perfect catalyst which not only motivated online printers to serve more intelligently and professionally, but propelled the industry into developing ideas into packaging like never before.

Quality graphics along with company logo and product information printed precisely on any product’s box serves the purpose of branding and marketing. Die-cut chipboard boxes also provide an extra layer of protection to a product which helps to keep it intact during the shipping process of products from factory to point of sales location.

What is the definition of chipboard boxes? Well, these are used by businesses as well as individuals to decorate them to use for holidays, festivals and various other events. Understanding your product’s packaging, marketing and promotional requirements are necessary for both the customer and the printing company because it helps to get a better understanding of the product in the market instantly. Choose the proper chipboard box using our DIY Sizing Chart and start designing, we are here for help.

These can also be used for packaging cookies and gifts to provide during events, charities, fundraisers etc. and can be designed according to the theme of the party or event. Kraft and white chipboard boxes can be made with or without printing and can be ordered online which meets your business or personal requirements. These boxes can be personalized in designing and printing to provide your products as giveaways to your valued customers or to promote your product and business. New customers who received your product as a gift may end up buying your product in future.