2 Piece Gift Boxes

2 piece gift boxes

Two piece gift boxes are made out of a lid and bottom tray. It is printed with any customized artwork, brand logo or simply a text line. Graphics are printed in various styles and colors. These 2 piece gift boxes with lids are shipped flat but can easily be folded and assembled. Do you want boxes to pack your gift or market your product in the right way? These premium gift boxes with lids are not shipped flat because of their sturdy material and thus take volume during shipping and handling.

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High quality paper stock


250 (Min. Order)


Customized logo

Design customization

Customized packaging

Paper Type

Coated paper, SBS, Greyboard, White paperboard


Recycles, Recyclable, Eco-friendly


Embossing, Glossy Lamination, Matt Lamination, Stamping

Product Description

Buy gift boxes with lids for wholesale packaging of gift favors or to display products. One can add their logo in desired colors to make this box branded for a product so people could easily identify it when presented to them. Along with paperboard and cardboard flimsy stock we also produce this type of gift packaging using thick rigid material. These rigid gift boxes can be ordered with or without any printing colors, designs or graphics.

We are gift boxes suppliers offering a huge selection of both printed and stock rigid setup boxes at wholesale prices. One can make these white kraft and cardboard gift boxes with lids for food products as a disposable box for serving meal. Restaurants and hotels use collapsible gift boxes for their baking supplies and food products. These businesses require creative designs and quality printing in order to make their brand prominently stand out when stacked next to the competition.

A two piece gift box is also used to store products safely for a long period of time. A lid or cover can also be made with tab locks to cover or close the box. Choose from our wide selection of stock of rigid boxes and custom two piece boxes designed with high quality graphics and printed with charming colors. One can design their own decorative gift boxes at wholesale prices using light weight paperboard for retail items. One can use these boxes for keepsakes, delights, or to give as gift or bridal favors in these lovely containers.

Order these boxes tied up with colored ribbons to give added beauty to a present. Simply pick a design and print it with images and stylish artwork and impress loved ones. Color bows, frails and ribbons are ordered separately.