Custom candle boxes and packaging for wholesale with stylish window. Get free candle packaging design template and produce inexpensive yet luxury single or two piece candle boxes.

Candle Packaging Boxes

Candle Boxes are used to pack and display candles. Candles are used typically on birthday cakes, at dining tables, bars and cafes. Candles also often given as a gift in a tastefully designed and printed box packaging using the finest materials available with a special message printed on it. These boxes are used to keep the candle safe and secure during transportation from the manufacturing facility to the point of sales.

  • Inexpensive candle boxes in clear white look
  • Beads or glitters to decorate candles at home locally

To get creative packaging price ideas for candles one must put dimensions and quantity to generate cost. Get it fast!

Customer Information

Custom Printed Candle Boxes Wholesale

Creative candle packaging with unusual styles using kraft, cardboard or wooden theme paper are styled using a two piece white minimalist look with a logo printed on the top to enhance any event. These boxes with windows can be produced with a variety of materials including; art paper, Kraft paper, paperboard, cardboard and corrugated. For long distance from factory to sales point shipping, candle producers are recommended to use a sturdy packaging design on corrugated and Kraft material.

Candle suppliers can also use custom candle packaging as a promotional item for endorsement of their products and services with their company logo and message. If a customer has a specific requirement regarding material, design, printing, color and size, we are here every step of the way to guide one, whether a novice or expert, to understand and communicate effectively to achieve 100 percent satisfaction.
Although candles are an ancient tool and were mostly used before the invention of electricity for lighting purposes but nowadays candles of many varieties are considered an important part of our daily lives and communities across the globe. Top priority is to keep the product safe and with creative designing, printing and packaging of personalized candle boxes, find the right customers.

This kind of packaging is a great way to speak your mind and ideas while creativity can be seen on the printed box with the assistance of our experienced professionals. Whether you are a small business owner or big candle manufacturer, speak your mind about design, material and printing colors of your choice as the same shall be provided per your convenience. As is the demand of candles increases so is the packaging. Without sturdy decorating candles boxes, this fragile product has to withstand the risks of breaking during transportation from one destination to another thus, corrugated and Kraft material is recommended.

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