Shop for printed cake boards and cake / drums or circles for wholesale. Get cheap square, mini round, rectangular, thick, thin cake boards in 4", 6", 8", 10", 12" sizes with colors.

Cake Boards

Cake boards are used by cake designers and bakers on a daily basis to place their cakes in them. Since there are many different sizes of cakes, so are the cake boards. Cake size describes how many inches cake boards is required. A 4 inch round cake board is preferred for smaller cakes only. The main feature of cake boards should be the resilience to protect cake and to not get damaged when moving cake from one place to another. Inexpensive cake boards and boxes ranging from selection of style, shape, design and material are available online to suit your desired cake board needs.

For rectangular cake pads / boards or circular ones, just add two dimensions. For better prices please add extra specs in message box so we might understand the style you're looking for.

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Create Silver Boards + Cake Circles or Pads

Cake boards are made according to the style and shape of cakes; there are numerous styles including but not limited to; festive cake boards, heart cake boards, hexagon cake boards, petal cake boards, rectangular cake boards, oval cake boards and round cake boards. Furthermore, you can customize any option and as wholesale price manufacturers, we are offering both short run and bulk quantities.

Our wholesale cake drums and cake boards provides a sturdy base for special event cakes; they are manufactured using heavy-duty material. Custom cake boards are required by bakery owners and individuals who make cakes at home or at a shop on different occasions and festivals. Colorful fashion cake boards are very attractive which can be used to impress your guests.

Variety of styles and designs are available online for easy selection. Bakers make cakes in numerous sizes; therefore, they need cake circles or cake boards according to their desired sizes and shapes. The main feature of these boards should be the resilience to protect the cake and to not get damaged when moving it from one place to another.

Yet the list is long; cakes are used on many different occasions, festivals and events etc which is why superior quality material of cardboard is used to make a single portion of a cake board to ensure the safety of cakes during the event. If poor paper or card stock is used then the cake board could break when it is carried on it. Mono cake boards are made glamorous and appealing to attract and impress everyone around.

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